Password Protect Entire WordPress Site with Passster

Secure your WordPress website with Passster, the go-to WordPress plugin to password protect your entire WordPress site. With the flexibility of using one or multiple passwords, protecting all your content has never been easier.

Password Protect Entire WordPress site

Protect your entire WordPress website with a secure password form that you can customize. Passster ensures all your content is secure, making it an indispensable tool for WordPress site owners.

  • One global password-protected page: Create a password protected WordPress page that visitors see when they land on your website.
  • You decide on visitor access: This page acts as a login page, where visitors enter a password (or other method set by you) to gain access.
  • Redirect after login: Point logged-in users in the right direction by redirecting them to a page of your choice.
Password Protect Entire WordPress Site with Passster 1
Password Protect Entire WordPress Site with Passster 2

Select Your Global Protection Type

Passster offers a variety of protection types to choose from to protect your entire site.

  • Password protection: Use a single password, multiple passwords, or a password list to secure your content.
  • Automatically generated passwords: Let Passster generate the passwords for you with customizable length and content.
  • Cookie-based auto-unlock: Enable cookies for automatic content unlocking with the same password.
  • User-role & username restriction: Limit visibility based on specific user roles or usernames.

Customize the Protection Form

With Passster, customizing the protection form is a breeze. You have the power to make the form blend in with your entire website or WordPress theme.

  • Form customization: Change the appearance of your password protection form easily.
  • Customizable colors: Match the form colors with your site’s design for consistent branding.
  • Editable text: Alter the form text to align with your brand’s voice and type of protection.
  • Custom text for different forms: Override your default form text for individual forms to change the messaging, placeholder text, and button labels.
Password Protect Entire WordPress Site with Passster 3
Password Protect Entire WordPress Site with Passster 4

Exclude Specific Pages

Passster allows you to exclude specific pages from your password protected status, providing flexibility in securing your site.

The process is simple and can be done with just a few clicks in the plugin settings.

  • Exclude Pages: exclude specific pages from the global protection.
  • Redirect after access: To enhance user experience, Passster enables you to redirect users to a specific page after entering the correct password.

Password protect WordPress in just a few clicks

Join 10.000 others and password-protect your WordPress website the secure way with Passster.