Create a WooCommerce Private Product with Passster

Make your WooCommerce products private with Passster. This easy-to-use WordPress plugin can help you create private products on your WooCommerce store. With a range of easy settings, creating WooCommerce private products is straightforward and simple.

Create WooCommerce Private Products

With Passster, creating password-protected products is a breeze. Implement password forms to secure single products and limit their visibility using a variety of restriction types.

Ensure that the right people see the right products in your WooCommerce store.

  • Password protection: Protect your products, hide prices, and block the add-to-cart button.
  • Hide products: Hide products from the catalog and redirect users without permission.
Create a WooCommerce Private Product with Passster 1
Create a WooCommerce Private Product with Passster 2

Create a WooCommerce Private Store

If you want to create a members-only store, or hide your entire online store from the public, you can password-protect the main WooCommerce shop page with Passster.

Visitors must then enter the password, have the right username/user role, or complete reCAPTCHA to access your main shop page.

  • Members-only: Block access to your entire store behind a password.
  • Redirect: Set up redirects after entering a password from a password list and redirect them.

Choose Your Protection Type

Whether you want to password-protect individual product pages, your entire ecommerce store, or specific category pages.

  • Password protection: Use a single password, multiple passwords, or a password list to secure specific products.
  • Cookie-based auto-unlock: Enable cookies for automatic content unlocking with the same password.
  • User-role & username restriction: Limit visibility based on specific user roles or usernames and require user registration on your store.
Create a WooCommerce Private Product with Passster 3
Create a WooCommerce Private Product with Passster 4

Customize Your Protection Form

Personalize the protection form to match your entire WordPress site’s aesthetics and WordPress theme. Override this for each page or set it across your entire website.

  • Form customization: Easily adjust the appearance of your password protection form.
  • Customizable colors: Match the form colors to your site’s design.
  • Editable text: Modify form text to suit your brand’s tone and protection type.

Password protect WordPress in just a few clicks

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