Passster Features

Passster offers everything you need to password protect your content, pages or entire website in WordPress.
It also works great with your existing toolkit – ACF, Custom Post Types, Third-Party-Plugins.

Content Protection Features

Complete Site Protection

Safeguard your entire WordPress site with a customizable password form.

Page & Post Protection

Secure specific pages and posts easily. Protect child pages with a click.

Sell Page Access

Sell access to a WordPress page by linking your password/s to a product.

Product Protection

Protect individual WooCommerce products with password protection.

Partial Content Security

Protect parts of your pages/posts, like forms, downloads, and more.

Features 1

Protection Type Features

Single Password

Guard your site with one unique password.

Generate Passwords

Have Passster generate the passwords for you. Customize their length and content.

Multiple Passwords

Protect content with several different passwords.

Password Lists

Use large sets of passwords and restrict how many times they can be used.

Features 2

Advanced Features

Cookie-based Auto-unlock

Enable cookies for automatic content unlocking with the same password.

Usage Tracking

See how often each password is used, when it was first used, and the browser used.

Concurrent Tracking

Monitor multiple logins to prevent unauthorized access.

Redirect After Verification

Send users to a designated page after successful verification.

Bitly Encrypted Links

Create secure links for immediate access without password entry.

User-role Restriction

Limit visibility based on specific user roles.

Features 3

Password Form Customization Features

Form Customization

Easily edit the appearance of your password protection form.

Customizable Colors

Personalize form colors to match your site’s design.

Custom Text for Different Forms

Override your default form text for individual forms to change the messaging, placeholder text, and button labels.

Themes & Page Builder

Merge the password form seamlessly with various themes and page builders.

Editable Text

Modify form text to suit your brand’s voice and type of protection.

Features 4

Password protect WordPress in just a few clicks

Join 10.000 others and password-protect your WordPress website the secure way with Passster.

Passster FAQs

You get a download link after your purchase. Download it, log in to your WordPress website, go to Plugins -> Install Plugin and drag and drop the ZIP file. Once the upload is finished, click “Activate” to start password-protecting your content and pages.

Passster can be used for all kinds of websites: from corporate websites that want to restrict some of their content to bloggers wanting to offer premium content to their readers. It’s also a good decision if you want to monetize your content with WooCommerce by selling automatically generated passwords with Passster.

Passster works with all kinds of page builders. However, we focus on the Block Editor as it is the best and most-performant page builder and is already included in WordPress.

Passster works great with all popular SEO plugins. Your content is secure, so no one can read restricted content without the correct password.

There is no limit to the number of passwords that can be used. It depends on your server, but you can use thousands of passwords even with a small hosting package.

The free support is strictly limited to the forum, and we don’t offer coding-related help here.
The pro support offers everything you need, including code-related help, a guaranteed answer in under 24 hours, and help directly from the product’s developers.

Absolutely! Passster can be used in a multisite installation without any issues. Just ensure that you choose a license that supports multiple sites, as each subsite needs its own license for activation.

We made sure that Passster can be configured as 100% GPDR compliant. We offer explicit options to anonymize IP tracking and disable tracking through third-party APIs.