WordPress plugins to make your life easier 💡

Get an overview of all of my plugins. Use the feature video to get a detailed overview of the features and take a look at the docs to get full step-by-step instructions for configuration, use-cases, and more.

Simply Static

Simply static is a static site generator for WordPress that helps you make the most secure and performance-optimized version of your website.


Passster fixes WordPress password protection. It let you protect pages, posts, or just parts of it with a password, captcha, Google ReCaptcha, and more.


Filr let you create secure document libraries directly in WordPress. File protection, searchable and filterable file lists, and secure download links at your fingertips.


The only plugin to include a real age verification in WooCommerce based on the Sofort Ident API. Include a mobile-optimized age gate and verify the age in your store.


The easiest way to create, bulk generate and track your QR-Codes within WordPress.