WordPress & WooCommerce Plugins made in Germany.

Quickster let your create modern and mobil-friendly product tables for WooCommerce.  Let your customers easily sort, filter, search and bulk order your products. Boost your conversion and average cart value. Your customers will love it!

Adding password-protected areas in your content is pretty easy with Passster. Set a password, define your cookie-lifetime and your good to go! Not enough? Customize the login form with a variety of settings: text, colors, font-sizes, backgrounds.. you got it. 

Cookimize is your GDPR-complient Cookie solution for WordPress. Easily block all tracking cookies as long as the user doesn’t submit to your settings. Let users choose which cookies allowed and even block iframes (like youtube, Google Maps, Vimeo) GDPR-compliant.

What our users say

Works great. Very useful for some types of websites. Better, than build-in protection – usually you don’t need to protect the whole page, just a small part like “downloads” sections[...]
Passster // wordpress.org
Great plugin and easy to use. It displays everything in a very nice way and you can change mostly everything as a developer. Well written application. Keep up the good work!
Quickster // wordpress.org