Sharing my journey

I share my journey running a successful WordPress plugin business as a solopreneur. Ups, downs, ideas, tests I’m running, and more. Follow me on my way, where I strive to run a successful business while staying lean and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

  • My thoughts on Full Site Editing

    The block editor disrupted the WordPress industry. We have fans, haters, and a solid base in the middle. I was skeptical for quite a while. What’s the case for blocks? Why do we replace WordPress widgets, menus, and other parts with blocks? I couldn’t really get it. Full Site Editor Then the Full Site Editor…

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  • Rebuilding Qyrr

    I built the initial version of Qyrr 3 years ago, in the summer of 2019, before Covid came along. It was just a fun little idea in my head, and I never intended to rework it or do a premium version of it. I uploaded it the and kept pushing little updates now and…

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  • Adding a Now Page

    As an indie hacker/ solopreneur, its hard to keep everyone updated on all the things you are doing. Check out what I’m working on right now. This multiplies if you, like me, have multiple unrelated products with their own roadmap and feature sets. More often than not I spent a huge amount of time answering…

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  • Website Relaunch

    While my old website design was still quite decent, it really struggled with flexibility. The more moving parts I tried to include, like a better call-to-action design for my products, a new design for tutorials, or just some performance improvements – almost all of this was kind of hacky due to the theme I was…

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