Adding a Now Page

As an indie hacker/ solopreneur, its hard to keep everyone updated on all the things you are doing.

Check out what I’m working on right now.

This multiplies if you, like me, have multiple unrelated products with their own roadmap and feature sets. More often than not I spent a huge amount of time answering tickets about when I will work on feature X for product Y, arguing why feature Z will be shipped later, and so on.

I’m a huge fan of Dan Rowden he is an indie hacker working full-time on its own products for quite a while now (mostly Twitter/Ghost-related products), and he posted a Tweet that he has added a “Now” page to its website now:

Due to his huge follower base, it got a lot of interest. While my Twitter account isn’t nearly as popular, I thought it is a good idea and started working on my own little Now page.

Adding a Now Page 3

After a short introduction, you will always find the products I’m currently working on and a short description of what is planned exactly for this product.

I have used that page for a couple of weeks now and updated it 5 times. It’s way easier to keep that up to date than replying to everyone individually. I also added the “Updated” date at the bottom of the page so you get a good idea of how up-to-date the information is.

I really enjoy those little improvements that are coming to my website and make the life of me and my customers so much easier.