How to Generate a Dynamic QR Code for Your Website

If you want to create a dynamic QR code directly from your website while having complete control over its design and use, this article is for you.

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through:

  • What a QR code is
  • The difference between a static QR code and a dynamic QR code
  • Why use your website as a QR code generator (rather than an external site)
  • How to do it (step-by-step instructions)

Let’s first understand what a QR code is and how a dynamic QR code differs from a static QR code. 

What is a QR code?

A Quick Response Code (QR) is a machine-readable code comprising black and white squares enclosed in a square border.

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When scanned using a smartphone, a QR code allows users to instantly access a given piece of information. A QR code is a type of barcode, but unlike the standard barcode, which can only be read horizontally, it can be read horizontally and vertically. This enables them to store more information than a standard barcode. 

QR codes have numerous uses, and you’ve probably come across them. Let’s say when you want to connect your phone’s WhatsApp to your computer or on event tickets.

On your website, you can use QR codes for the following use cases:

  • Facilitate marketing campaigns/marketing material – You can place a QR code on a social media post to advertise new websites, products, etc. 
  • Create a way for restaurant customers to access a digital menu on a web page using a URL QR code.
  • Link to website FAQs for product packaging in store.
  • Add a QR code to printed business cards that you can update as your business grows.
  • Create a landing page that a QR code redirects to for events.
  • Allow users to authenticate themselves instantly without having to enter their details, and so on. 

QR codes can help enrich the experience of your site’s visitors. Site visitors love QR codes because all they have to do is point their phone’s camera at the code to scan it, and they’ll quickly access the information they need from your site. 

Depending on their capabilities, QR codes can be broadly classified as static or dynamic. Let’s see how these types compare in the next section. 

Static QR code vs. dynamic QR code

A static QR code remains the same once you generate it. It can’t be overwritten. The source content behind it can’t be edited. If you must edit the code, you’ll have to generate a new one.

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So if you want a QR code for a one-off marketing campaign, your portfolio page, or other unedited content, a static QR code would help you do this. 

On the other hand, a dynamic QR code can be edited and shared easily without needing to regenerate a new one. With a dynamic QR code, you can edit small details on the source content or even change the content entirely. For example, if the source is a short URL, you can change the content to which the URL is pointing or the entire URL.  

It’s also useful in tracking conversions information on the usage of the QR code, such as how often it’s scanned, the operating systems used to scan it, locations, and so on. As a result, it can help you to manage your marketing campaigns over a long period of time. 

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Because QR codes have so many uses, there are multiple ways to generate them. This includes using free and paid external QR code generator tools or creating one within your website.

Your website, we believe, is the best QR code generator, and we’ll show you why.  

Why generate a QR code within your website

Generating a QR code within your website is more beneficial than using an external QR code generator because it allows you to do the following.

Allows you to track QR code usage

Creating a dynamic QR code specifically within your website allows you to track how the QR code is being used by the intended audience. This can help you determine whether a marketing campaign is working.

qr code tracking

QR code tracking can also reveal useful patterns that can help you to make adjustments to improve your marketing strategy. Most external QR code generators don’t allow you to do this.

Have full control over your QR code

When you create your QR code within your website, you will have full control over it. You’ll be able to design it your way.

You’ll be able to give it the same color scheme as the theme of your website and even add your logo to it. This ties your marketing campaign to your brand, allowing the customers who come across the QR code to remember your brand. 

qr code design

Update your QR code when needed

When you create a dynamic QR code on your website, you can update it as often as you want. You can even change the source content to reuse it for different marketing campaigns. This way, you don’t have to create a new QR code whenever you want to start a new campaign. 

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The default WordPress install doesn’t allow you to create a dynamic QR code within your website. To do this, you’ll need the help of a plugin. In this case, the dynamic QR code generator plugin, Qyrr.

How to create a dynamic QR code for your website

Qyrr is a QR code generator plugin for WordPress that allows you to create different types of QR codes right from your WordPress dashboard.


The most powerful QR-Code generator for WordPress. Create, bulk generate, and track your QR-Codes with ease.

You can create a QR code for various sources such as pages/posts, emails, phone numbers, vCards, WhatsApp, and more with just a few clicks.

It gives you full control over its design, and after creation, you can display it anywhere on your website using blocks or a shortcode. 

Qyrr also allows you to do the following:

Instantly create dynamic QR codes

With Qyrr, you can create dynamic QR codes that let you change the code’s source (pages/posts, links, etc.) without creating a new one. You can also reuse it for different content. 

Easily customize your QR code

Qyrr’s depth of editing options allows you to customize your QR code to truly make it your own.

You can change the color and edit the quiet and error-handling zones. You can also add your logo to your QR code to tie it with your brand and enrich your marketing campaigns.

Qyrr offers all you expect in a standard QR code tool and more. 

qyrr style options rounded corners

Generate dynamic QR codes in bulk

With Qyrr’s bulk generation integration, you can generate hundreds to thousands of dynamic QR codes at your convenience. You can create QR codes in bulk for:

  • A single URL – with each QR code having a unique ID. 
  • Multiple URLs – by lining multiple destination URLs up and generating QR codes based on them in bulk.
qyrr bulk generate qr code

Efficiently manage your dynamic QR code campaigns

Qyrr has a built-in campaign manager that gives you an overview of your QR codes’ marketing campaigns. From this page, you can download all your QR codes at once in a zip file and have them ready for printing in no time. 

It also allows you to download them in your preferred format. You can select between PNG and SVG, and Qyrr will automatically convert the code to the selected format. 

qr code format qyrr

Now we know the benefits of using Qyrr, let’s set it up on your WordPress website by creating a dynamic QR code.  

Step 1: Install the custom QR code generator plugin, Qyrr

First, you’ll need to purchase the Pro version of Qyrr.


The most powerful QR-Code generator for WordPress. Create, bulk generate, and track your QR-Codes with ease.

After completing your purchase, download the extension on your computer and follow the steps below to install it. 

  1. From your WordPress admin area, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload plugin.
  2. Upload the extension you downloaded and click Install Now
  3. After installation is complete, click Activate Plugin. Copy your license key from your email and click on Agree and Activate Plugin

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can start using Qyrr to create dynamic QR codes for your website.

Step 2: Generate QR codes

To create a dynamic QR code, follow these simple steps. 

  1. Click on Qyrr from the left-side menu on your WordPress dashboard, then click on the Add New button. This will direct you to the QR code generation and editing page. 
  2. Add a title for your QR code and then click on the default QR code generated on your screen. 
  3. Next, click Block tab on the right. Here you’ll find a variety of sections that you need to adjust. These are:
dynamic qr code edit screen qyrr
  • Source – this is the content that gets returned when the QR code is scanned. Here you can add a page/post, website URL, email, SMS message, WhatsApp message, location, and so on.   
qyrr type
  • Dynamic QR code – at the bottom of the Source section, you will see a toggle switch labeled Dynamic QR code. To make your QR code dynamic, all you have to do is click on this switch.
qyrr dynamic qr code
  • General settings – Under this section, you will edit the appearance of your QR code. You can edit the size, color, quiet zone, and error handling level. Qyrr provides you with a live preview, and you can see the changes reflected in the appearance of the QR code as soon as you make them. 
qyrr qr code colors
  • Logo or label – You can add your logo and edit its appearance here. You can change the size and positioning, add custom text, and select a given font family.    
qr code add logo qyrr
  • Download – After you’ve completed your changes, you can download your QR code. Select between PNG and SVG formats, then click on the download button to save it on your local device. 
qr code format qyrr

Now you’ve created your dynamic QR code, let’s see how to display it on your site. 

Step 3: Display your QR code on your website

If you want to display this dynamic QR code solution on your website, so users can use their QR code scanner, there are two ways to do this: 

  • Using shortcodes. 
  • Using blocks. 

To display the QR code on your website using a shortcode:

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, click on Qyrr. You’ll be directed to the page with all the QR codes generated. 
  2. Hover on the QR code you want to display on your website and click on Edit. 
  3. Next, click on the QR code, the block tab, and the Download section. 
copy shortcode qyrr
  1. Click the Copy Shortcode button and paste it on any page you want.
qr code shortcode on page qyrr

You can also use a QR code selector block to display a QR code on your site. To do this: 

  1. Go to the page or post to which you want to add the QR code from your WordPress admin area. 
  2. Starting with a forward slash (/), type ‘QR Code Selector’ and click on it when it appears. 
qr code selector qyrr
  1. Select the default QR code and go to the block tab. Under the QR code, select the specific QR code you want to display. 
qr code block qyrr
  1. When you’re done, click on Publish/Update

Using the QR code selector block is a better method because it gives you a live preview as you select the QR code. 

If you’ll be using your QR code to lead marketing campaigns, let’s see how to use Qyrr’s campaign integration to track your QR code’s number of scans. 

Step 4: Track your QR code’s number of scans

The tracking feature is only available to dynamic QR codes, and since that’s exactly what you’ve created, you’ll be able to track its usage.

To track the number of scans on your QR code, take the following steps:

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, click on Qyrr. You will see an overview of all your QR codes on this page. Under the Analytics column, you will see the number of clicks for each QR code. 
qr code analytics tracking qyrr
  1. Suppose you change the source of your dynamic QR code and want to start a new campaign. You can reset the tracking data so that it restarts. To do this, go to Qyrr > Settings > Utilities and then click on the Reset Analytics Data button. 
reset analytics data qyrr
  1. Click the Save Settings button when you’re done. 

Now all the tracking data on your QR codes will be reset, and you can start afresh. 

Create a dynamic QR code for your website today

A dynamic QR code will allow you to change where users land after they scan the code without updating it everywhere. Creating a dynamic QR code within your website gives you complete control over its appearance while allowing you to track its usage.

Although the default WordPress install doesn’t allow you to do this, you can create a dynamic QR code within your website using the WordPress plugin, Qyrr

Qyrr allows you to do this in a few clicks and display your QR code anywhere you want on your website. It also allows you to create trackable QR codes and reset tracking data to begin new campaigns. 

Adding QR code marketing to your website just got easier with Qyrr.


The most powerful QR-Code generator for WordPress. Create, bulk generate, and track your QR-Codes with ease.