Qyrr Features

Everything you need to generate and manage QR codes on your WordPress website.

Multiple QR Code Types

Static QR Codes

Create static QR codes that link to a fixed destination. Ideal for permanent information.


Create QR codes directly linking to pages, posts, or any other CPT on your WordPress website.


Create QR codes that display a message of text when scanned.

External URL

Generate QR codes that redirect to any external URL.

Dynamic QR Codes

Generate trackable dynamic QR codes that can be updated to link to different content after use.

WhatsApp Message

Create QR codes that initiate a WhatsApp message when scanned.


Generate QR codes that redirect to any external URL.

Geo Location

Generate QR codes that open a geographic location in a map app when scanned.

Phone Number

Create QR codes that show a phone number that can be called when scanned.


Generate QR codes that open up an SMS message that can be sent when scanned.


Generate QR codes that download a vCard contact file when scanned.


Create QR codes that share WiFi login details when scanned.

QR Code Customization Features

Background Color

Personalize the background color of your QR codes.


Add labels to your QR codes for easy identification.

Error Handling Levels

Adjust error handling levels to balance QR code complexity and data resilience.

Custom Logo

Add your own logo to the center of your QR codes for branding.

Fill Colors

Choose the color of the QR code itself.

Quiet Zone

Adjust the quiet zone of your QR code for better scanning.

Corner Radius

Customize the corner radius to change the appearance of your QR codes.

Google Font Integration

Use Google Fonts for any text in your QR codes for consistent styling.

Features 1

Advanced QR Code Features

Bulk QR Code Generation

Generate multiple QR codes at once to save time.

Track QR Code Scans

Keep track of how many times each QR code is scanned.

Global Template

Auto-Style your QR Codes with a global template.

QR Code Download Types

Download your QR codes in SVG or PNG format.

Shortcode Support

Embed your QR codes anywhere on your site.


Auto-generate QR Codes for all kinds of post types.

Features 2


Join 2.000 others and create powerful QR codes in WordPress. Bulk create, track, and generate QR Codes in seconds.

Qyrr FAQs

You get a download link after your purchase. Download it, log in to your WordPress website, go to Plugins -> Install Plugin and drag and drop the ZIP file. Once the upload is finished, click “Activate” to create QR codes in WordPress.

Qyrr is suitable for all kinds of businesses that need QR codes that are reliable, trackable, and fit with your company’s corporate design.

Qyrr works with all kinds of page builders. However, we focus on the Block Editor as it is the best and most-performant page builder and is already included in WordPress.

The free support is strictly limited to the wordpress.org forum, and we don’t offer coding-related help here.
The pro support offers everything you need, including code-related help, a guaranteed answer in under 24 hours, and help directly from the product’s developers.

Absolutely! Qyrr can be used in a multisite installation without any issues. Just ensure that you choose a license that supports multiple sites, as each subsite needs its own license for activation.

We made sure that Qyrr is 100% GPDR compliant.


The most powerful QR-Code generator for WordPress. Create, bulk generate, and track your QR-Codes with ease.