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  • How to Restrict Page Access to Logged-In Users in WordPress

    Learn how to restrict page access to logged in users in WordPress with this step-by-step guide. Including WordPress settings and a plugin.

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  • How to Make Your WordPress Site Private: A Step-by-Step Guide

    If you’re wondering how to make your WordPress website private, this article is for you. With a private website, you’ll be able to restrict access to it and secure your site’s content. Whether you want to run a membership website, offer subscriber-only content, or have a private blog, making your WordPress website private will help…

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  • How to Create a Private Page in WordPress

    If you’re looking to create a private page in WordPress, then this guide is for you. No matter if you’re creating a private landing page, private blog, or any type of private content, the techniques within this article will help you get it done. These techniques work well for: This guide contains a few different…

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  • How to Restrict Content by Role in WordPress

    Looking to restrict content by role in WordPress? This article has your back. Let’s say you have private or exclusive content on your WordPress website that you want to keep hidden from the average viewer’s eyes. This content could include a group discussion, an extensive knowledge base, a page with important information, or an image…

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  • How to Password Protect a Page in WordPress

    If you’re looking for a way to password-protect a page in WordPress, we’ve got you covered. Passwords are the best way to keep your content safe from prying eyes. If you don’t want people to see your blog posts or pages, password-protecting them is a great way to keep them secure. But with a few…

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  • How to Create a Private WordPress Blog in 2022

    In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a private WordPress blog. Plus, we’ll show you how to do it using the secure password protect WordPress plugin, Passster. If you’re here, you likely want to publish content on your blog but only have it available for private viewing. Either that or you want to…

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